Business Opportunity


At ARCADIO we constantly provide opportunities for enterprising business people to collaborate with us. If you’re interested in being a franchisee of ARCADIO, you’re in the right place. Or if you want to be a local or international distributor for our world class products, or a vendor for our range of products, do get in touch right away. We’re in the licensing business too! Come, share in our success!


Since its inception, ARCADIO continues to grow and set new standards for innovation and quality in developing and selling high quality products. We would be delighted to collaborate with you for selling our products under your franchisee too. For details do mail us to

Distribution Across World

A key business partner of ARCADIO in the market place is the redistribution stockist. The distribution channel handles the majority of the eyewear business of the company. The main focus of this channel is market penetration and coverage. ARCADIO range of eyewear’s are available in over 1000+ outlets and major chain of eye hospitals. ARCADIO’s growth rate in the marketplace requires us to appoint and add new distributors every year. The distributor channel operates independent of all other channels like E-Commerce etc and reaches out to its own set of distinct dealers.

Interested in becoming an ARCADIO distributor?

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We offer high-quality products for other brands, designed according to customer requirements. We offer end to end product development to branding as per your customized requirements.

Our quality compares with the best in the industry and our products are put through rigorous tests for compliance standards.

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Vendor Development

ARCADIO is fully committed towards developing a sustained long lasting and fulfilling relationship with all its vendors, who, on a consistent basis adhere to the business principles and dynamic demands of the customer requirements. ARCADIO achieves this through leveraging vendor’s capability and driving cost efficiencies resulting in mutually beneficial Win-Win situation. Contact us at for more information.